Coffee & Jesus

We embrace and share the love of Jesus by eating together, gathering around the story of Jesus, and serving neighbors.



Jesus’ death and resurrection transforms us – not only in the future, but in the here and now. We follow Jesus – doing what he said and did so more people will experience his powerful love that overcomes our deepest longings and hurts.


Pursuing Justice

As we follow Jesus, our mission is to announce and demonstrate the good news among our neighbors. The more we know our neighbors, the more we come to understand the racial and economic injustices and … READ MORE


Multiplying Mission

We intentionally find ways to bless and gather our neighbors. Sometimes this looks like multiplying Brunch Churches (gatherings of 20-50 people), in the neighborhoods, while other times it looks like forming a team … READ MORE

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Join us for Brunch Church: Sundays at 10 AM

Lancaster City South | Lancaster City North